MXI Millionaire Members

Connie Hollstein


Upon graduating from college, Connie began teaching high school. Although she loved her students and teaching, she found that the income she earned wouldn't support her dreams for the future. So, she ventured out into a new career commercial real estate. Fortunately, the timing was good and the income was better. However, Connie realized that with earning those nice six figures, she had lost all the time freedom she had when teaching. Being self employed, she was working 24/7 and still working around everyone else's demands and schedules. There was no time to enjoy her friends and family.

After working hard for 20 years Connie discovered that she was still trading time for money. When she quit teaching, the income stopped. When she quit real estate, the income stopped. She said most people don't make money when they don't work. She believed there had to be a better way to live life.

So, on to her next venture. Connie discovered the network marketing industry; and, more importantly Healthy Chocolate!

Without a doubt, this was the best business decision of her life. She is still working, but earning a lucrative income (which will continue whether she chooses to stop working or not); and, it's fun!

She says she has finally found the time freedom she dreamed of so long ago. Her daughter, Summer, will be able to graduate from college debt free! Her retirement worries are over. She has an international family. And, it all began with Chocolate!

Connie's gratitude is extended to the Brooks family for making this all possible; to her amazing team, Chocolate 4 Dreams (Team X 88 and International Xocaity) for helping her achieve her dreams; and, to Derrick Winkel for caring enough about her to share and mentor this opportunity with her since 2006. Thanks everyone!

Her Advice...Have Fun!

Butch & Carolyn Swaby

Triple Diamond Executives

In May 2006 long-time dear friends thought enough of us to share this tremendous Xocai product and business with us. And, we said yes. Little did they know that we were looking for a way to earn a second stream of income. Little did they know that our health was declining. We had experience in owning and building our own businesses over the years, so we understood that if we applied ourselves we could reap the benefits. And that exactly what we did. We immediately made a list of our friends, family and work related people. The first two weeks we had eight partners on our Xocai team. Today we are so thankful and feel very blessed to have a team of thousands of Xocai partners all around the world

The business can work for those that dig in and apply themselves. Success in Xocai can happen for anyone. Years ago, Carolyn's brother Xocai Diamond Executive Joe Duncan said; act like it's so, even though it's not so, in order for it to be so

Felix Gudino, Go Global Int.


When I graduated High School, my goal was to get a job, be a good employee, and be taken care of.

Well, as life goes on, changes take place in ones life, and you have to adjust. We started a family, and we needed extra income. So we looked for a way that my wife could stay home with our new baby; we were introduced to Network Marketing in 1989.

We were amazed at how you could start your own business out of your home. In 1994 we went full-time in this industry.

In 2000 I decided to leave network marketing and open an insurance agency. In Portland Oregon. Insurance appealed to me because of residual income. By opening an agency, I ended up with a JOB. Our experience in Network marketing showed me that you could have time and freedom, but I found myself in a situation, with insurance, where I had no time and no freedom

All of that changed when a good friend of mine introduced me to XOCAI. My life has been impacted in so many ways.

I had heard about Xoçai in 2006 and decided it would be plan B if things didn't work out. After the recession hit and things started to go south, I committed to Xoçai. Before I got back into network marketing, however, I needed to feel committed to the product and the company. I found a product that people like to eat and tapped into the wellness market. That was big for me. In addition, the compensation plan is a team-based plan that was better than I'd had with the other company. I have to pinch myself sometimes because I can't believe the life I have. If you had met me 9 years ago, you would be amazed at how much my lifestyle has changed. I OWN MY LIFE; I have time and freedom to do the things I want to do, travel, family and other pursuits. I owe this all to this wonderful opportunity known as Xocai. I would like to thank the Brooks family and Derrick Winkel for introducing me to this wonderful business 9 years ago. I owe my lifestyle to this amazing opportunity Xocai!

Felix and Lisa Gudino and their 3 children Raleigh, Savannah and Wyatt live in the Seattle, Washington area.

Glen & Kim Overton

Double Diamond Executive

I have been in the hotel business all my life When Marriott decided to go into the franchise business I raised my hand and said, Id like to be a part of that! I think it is the best hotel chain in the world Now the company I started has 17 Marriott hotels that they operate I sold that company last year Weve had a great experience in property development

My son Jared, whom I have a great love and respect for came to me some years ago and said, I think this is a great program for you just host a meeting in your home and stand back and see what we can do I did and they came in and discussed the values of Healthy Chocolate and I was convinced that this is something that was placed on earth for us to consume and help us I think this is a product that the world is waiting for

Xocai is getting ready to venture into the Asian market If you take a look at network marketing, Japan and Asia is the top market in the world As a result, we will have people that will be very successful in these markets

We opened a Ruths Chris franchise 5 years ago It cost us well over 1,000,000 to put that up on its feet Ive made more money in Xocai than we did with that 1,000,000 investment, which is pretty incredible

I encourage all of my family to be involved in Network Marketing It doesnt matter your age You can do it part-time, you can do it full-time You dont have to know 1,000 people You need to know 4 or 5 good people, who know 4 or 5 good people, who know 4 or 5 good people And all of the sudden your downline starts to spring; like flowers in the spring-time All of the sudden it becomes wonderful and youve got a garden that you thought you only had 4 or 5 seeds in, but now youve got a garden full of flowers with different personalities, each of them wanting to find ways to distribute their product and bring others into the fold

Doreen Carter

Triple Diamond

I am truly humbled and honored to not only be a part of this amazing family, but to be a part of a brand new Era that is now upon us. First, I want to express my admiration and deep gratitude for my team and leaders who continue to grow with the Xoçai.

Prior to joining the Healthy Chocolate Co, I was a Director of Programs for a major union in Canada, worked for the Coast Guard and other Federal Government agencies and owned a National Franchise, which I closed down a few years later to go full time with the Healthy Chocolate Co. I have a total of 30 years experience in Network Marketing and I have been a top leader in three companies. My love has always been in Network Marketing and I always hoped to find that one company to call home, which I have finally found with the Healthy Chocolate Co.

Of course life has its challenges and I definitely had mine. I am a cancer survivor and an advocate of healthy living. I had surgery for lung cancer in November of 2006 and signed up with the Healthy Chocolate Co. in December of 2006. I feel that Xoçai chocolate is God's food and has helped me overcome many adversities in my life. Everyday is a gift and life is so precious. I wake up each morning and I am full of gratitude to have another day on this earth. The major adversity was the defining moment to take care of my health. Therefore, the timing was right to change my chocolate. I was fortunate to come in contact with this high grade chocolate that has not only helped my health, but has increased my wealth. I looked at the business and made the decision to make Xoçai the last Network Marketing company I will be involved with, because I thought if I could not make it with chocolate I could not make it with anything!

My advice to help others succeed is to lead by example and encourage duplication. Use the tools that are available, such as: The Wake-up to Success and Opportunity Calls that are hosted weekly, the New Cool Choc website, the Accent Plan and the Millionaire Manual. In order to have success you need to unite and ignite your team. Remember this is your own independent business and to avail every tool and utilize everyone that can help you reach your success. If you are not making the money you should be making, change the way you are doing things. Don't expect others to make you happy, all of us are responsible to make ourselves happy.

In closing , I would like to give a special thank you to the Brooks Family, my Xoçai family and our wonderful Customer Service. I will continue to be the Solid Rock that I have always been.