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Thank you for visiting my personal website and for wanting to learn a little bit about me. I currently live in Epworth, GA. I've also lived in Woodstock, GA; Richmond, VA; and Tallassee, AL.

I have been married to my best friend Ken since 1998. I enjoy many things, but at the top of my list: riding motorcycles, shooting handguns, reading, and eating chocolate!

How fortunate I felt for finding a way to add an additional life-time income stream networking and eating healthy CHOCOLATE. In addition to the money, flexible schedule, and fun--I have lost those "last 10 pounds", my BP and cholesterol are lower, I have more energy, and I feel GREAT!

I'm loving it! And... I'm looking for 1-2 like-minded business partners. Could that be you? If you know 2-3 people who would like to lose weight, get healthier, or make more money--you have what it takes to "own yourself". Please contact me!

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JoAnna Murray
Phone: (770) 573-9902
Cell: (678) 777-7417
Fax: (435) 578-9902

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