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Thanks for stopping by.  My name is Zachary Henk and I am a college student majoring in Business and Entrepreneurship.  You can never be too young to start your own business.  My goal is to help you Change Your Chocolate and Change Your Life.  Once I learned the difference between candy chocolate and cold processed patented healthy chocolate, there was no going back.  

Feel free to contact me if you would like to order the healthiest chocolate on the planet or you can order direct at my site.  If you are looking to be an entrepreneur, I am looking for additional business partners who want to be mentored by Mitch Huhem, Millionaire trainer and coach.  Every new distributor with the Healthy Chocolate Company receives the GoMajor Millionaire Training system and will have exclusive training that is going to transform the MLM market.  

If you are looking to change your life, you are in the right place at the right time.  We have an amazing product, healthy chocolate, and the best system out there to help your team and you be successful.  Contact me for details.

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Zachary Henk
Gold Executive
Southwest Florida
Phone: (941) 255-3868

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Change your chocolate.
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Our Cacao Commitment

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