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Teaming Up with Brunswick Labs

brunswick seal

Brunswick Labs is the leading commercial laboratory specializing in the science of antioxidants and oxidative stress. Brunswick Labs has earned a position of respect and trust in the research and diagnostic services related to antioxidants and oxidative stress.

The Brunswick Labs Certified Program is a consumer-focused quality assurance program to certify products that meet requirements for antioxidant testing and labeling. The program is designed to help consumers cut through the confusion surrounding ORAC scores and antioxidant values, as well as to discern which products make questionable claims regarding their antioxidant values.

The Brunswick Labs ORAC Certified seal appears on all Xoçai™ product packaging and offers instant credibility that Xoçai™ is dedicated to responsible product testing. Brunswick Labs performs ongoing testing on all Xoçai™ products for ORAC, Flavonoids, Catechin, and Epicatechin content, and certifies those test results.