Sipping Xocolate

Xoçai™ X Power Squares™

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The Xoçai™ X Power Squares use cacao that produces a high-antioxidant dark chocolate that boasts eight times the levels of epicatechins and catechins, and four times the levels of procyandins than cacao produced with standard processing. X Power Squares are loaded with antioxidants and flavonoids. The Xoçai™ X Power Squares are the most powerful, health-promoting, decadent chocolate ever produced.

Reasons to Eat Xoçai X Power Squares™

Antioxidant Powerhouse
The dynamic blend of cacao, açaí berries, and blueberries makes this the most potent antioxidant product available!

Brunswick Lab Certified
Don’t play the guessing game! With the Brunswick Labs Certification Program, you know what you are getting – third-party certification on a finished product.

Unique Formulation
Patented unprocessed cacao optimized with açaí berries and blueberries create a formula unlike any other.

All-Natural or “Clean” Product
No artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, or fillers