Xe Energy Drink


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Given the recent attention to antioxidants in the media, medical & nutrition industries, it is important to know how antioxidants affect your health and well-being. Independent studies have shown that antioxidants in foods have the ability to counteract and fight the damaging effects of free radicals in the body. Xe Healthy Energy drink contains two of the highest free radical-fighting fruits in the world today: Cacao & Açaí.


Xoçai’s proprietary cold-pressed cacao fuels Xe’s energy boost. The world’s #1 antioxidant food, cacao promotes cellular metabolism, which is at the heart of the energy dilemma.


Delivers unmatched antioxidant and whole-food nutrition that kick-starts energy, supports mental function, and provides antioxidant support.

Superfruit Blend

Xe contains wild blueberry, grape, goji, raspberry, wild bilberry, cranberry, elderberry, apple, cherry, strawberry, and boysenberry.

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Brunswick Labs Certified

As with all Xoçai products, the Xe Healthy Energy drink proudly displays the Brunswick Labs certification seal.